How to use HTML codes or scripts in wordpress blog

For all newbie’s

It is very difficult to use html codes in wordpress blogs when we are lacking with the knowledge of html codes and sources. This is because we have started designing websites using some tools available like wordpress, or someother tools which you may be using. They will also be considered but for now we are talking about wordpress and here you will know about:

How To Use HTML Codes Or Scripts In WordPress Post or Page or in a text widget too.

I must not say it is very easy for a newbie to understand about the way using html codes or scripts in a post or page for the very first time at the right place. But, practicing again and again will make you perfect soon, because “practice makes a man perfect”. Now, follow some simple steps to complete the procedure of adding html codes in wordpress.

1st positioning the codes:

It is the most important thing in wordpress to add codes at the right place after preparing it in a visual mode. For this we have to understands some html tags and their values. Considering them or the keyword will help us in placing the codes at the right place in wordpress. Easy way is by using 2-3 enters blank which will show something. (as shown in the Above picture).

2nd Placement of codes:

Placing the codes in a right combination of start/open tag used closing/end tag of the html codes used. Else this can affect the whole layout of the wordpress page or post. (see more details about this).

3rd back to visual mode:

Now, coming back to visual mode for completing the rest of the post or page to end with what was started.

4th Verifying the changes:

The most important thing before executing the post or page to be published is to verify that everything is correct and to its place. This can be done easily by previewing the post after it is complete but do it before publishing or may be after saving it as a draft.

Note: the text widget is completely based on html codes, and therefore you need to either paste the whole code if that’s the only thing to be done or else use complete html codes for text widgets.

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