How to use Google Drive To Store Data & Keep It Safe or Share

Using a google drive for odd purposes of web-sites or web-blogging is a great idea according to me. As I have started using it ever since I found out it to be utilized this way while using it in a normal way.

So: if you don’t know about google drive you can see here…

How can we use google drive for storing and sharing data or documents?

Yes, it really disappointing thing that many of you doesn’t even know that what & How is google drive used with its excellence features and safety. It is the best way of keeping important data online with safety.

With the below shown following simple steps you can easily use google drives for your personal use and keeping safely your important data and documents. So,

Log in your google drive account with your gmail account and password. And you will see a window to be appeared like this as soon as the page is loaded.

You can now create as many as folders (directory) you want to get easy for differentiating different categories as required or kept. And finally choose the folder (directory) where the uploaded files have to be kept and shared.

Now, upload the file(s)/ folder(s) you want to be kept safely and shared on your blog.

Adding Additional Tools:

just click over the create button as shown in the Second Above picture and followed with the “Connect More Apps” to open the screen like shown in the below picture.

yes, you can add many various and different tools to your google drive for your usage purpose with no other extra cost. these tools can be used for various purposes like designing, documentry, fun, entertainment etc… you must give it a try – it’s worth it.

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Himanshu Goel