How To Use Google Drive Docs And Apps In Your WordPress Blog Or Html Website

Using a google drive for odd purposes of web-sites or web-blogging have been proved as a great idea to me. As, I have started using it ever since I found out it to be utilized this way while using it in a normal way.

So: if you donít know about What Is A google drive you can see hereÖ

Note: If You Don’t know how to use google drive then please see here…

Well, talking about google drive using for a web blog or site really drives me crazy. Ever since I have started using it I am feeling great and yes it increases the result too, confused how letís see.

Let’s Start – How can we use google drive for storing and sharing data or documents?

It is not too difficult as it can seem at the starting stage or say at the initial time. But later you will be able to make it with a few clicks and can increase the loading speed of your webpage by keeping your server load lower and sharing on both ways (1st on your blog or site & 2nd with the google account).

Letís start the procedure how to use google account for web blogs or websites:

Log in your google drive account with your gmail account and password. And you will see a window to be appeared like this as soon as the page is loaded. And create as many as folders (directory) you want to get easy for differentiating different categories as required or kept. And finally choose the folder (directory) where the uploaded files have to be kept and shared.

Now, upload the file(s)/ folder(s) you want to be kept safely and shared on your blog.

Note: if you are uploading a single file than a small window will ask you to share the file (click share if you want to use it) And/or if you are uploading multiple files than you have to just close that small window box and start sharing the files individually as shown in the picture provided below.

Now,choose from options share than again share than give a click to open up a new window which provides the URL /link to be copied and as shown in the picture below:

finally you got the link of the file to be shared. Just spread & share where you want to.

See here, If you donít know how to share and use links in your wordpress blogs or html sites.

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