What is a Google Drive & It’s Actual Benefits

Yes, it really disappointing thing that many of you doesn’t even know that what & How is google drive used with its excellence features and safety.

What is a google drive in actual?

As we all know that google solely is the ‘w’ of the ‘web’ and is also the most trusted around the ‘web world’. So let us know see how to create a google drive account and what are the benefits of using google drive and how?

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So, hopefully we all have a google drive accounts (if using gmail) or else create an google account and you gets the google drive account absolutely free with an storage space upto 5gb (after that expandable). Well, 5gb sounds nothing to us if talk about the movies and songs stored in our computer systems. But, lemme assure you that you won’t be able to finish up 5gb easily if you will us it properly as it should be utilized. Let me show you the features and benefits of google drive:

Sharing options:

Unlike the other online storage drives google drives doesn’t stops you from sharing your uploaded content wisely & Widely with 3 great options.

  1. For personal use only
  2. Sharing with only those people who has the link
  3. Sharing publically

Flexible drive:

Unlike the others google drive doesn’t restricts you from what you are uploading and saving there for yourself. You can upload any kind or type of files in your google drive.

Personal drive:

Unlike the other online storage drives google drive doesn’t asks or irritates you by mailing regularly for upgrading your storage account.

Creating docs:

Google drive also lets you to create online documents with an exclusive auto save feature that is saving the file along with the every key press. Doesn’t require clicking the save button all the time. *do remember that if you are editing a file than keep this in mind that temporary changes will affect the original file*

Note: If You Don’t know how to use google drive then please see here…

Adding Additional Tools:

Google drive also lets you to add many other tools to be used online with a very vast list of technical products. they can be used to perform various different activities as per requirements, and the tools list consists with some named as:

  • Graphic calculator
  • Autocad 360
  • floor planner
  • google forms
  • PDF Mergy
  • Music Player for google drive
  • etc… Many More with a very huge list must see…

Document viewer:

Google drive also allows you to open any kind of supported document format to view directly online without downloading it or edit online without downloading, editing and again uploading.

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