How to use external online storages and what are the benefits

Yes, we are talking here about storing our distributable content somewhere else than out our server (making our server busy or loaded). As far with the help of my search i’ll tell you guys that how can you blogging or create a whole website without giving a much load on your own server. Below you can see some important benefits of doing so and various ways of saving server space and maintaining website at minimum space available.

The list of some benefits of using External Services:

Reduces Load:

When we will use space for the media content on other servers, it is very much normal that it will keep our server free from the space utilized there. As when our site loads a page every content dedicated to our server loads step by step, but if a content is outsourced than original page loads with further loading the outsourced content making original page loaded faster.

Faster Loads:

The site will load a little bit faster when using other server for the media content as when a page loads; it loads every single content present from the original server location. And when the page is loading and the content is imported from the external sources our server is free and hence, page loads faster with lesser transfer.

Reduced Bandwidth:

What is a bandwidth? Well, bandwidth is reduced too with this method of using external storage sources as our page is fully featured but actually using all heavy content from other sources which alternatively speeds up bandwidth making it of low usage.

Data Safety*:

It is highly recommended to you all that you please use good server providers for doing so as their services problem can create a problem for your site too. Also, do keep the media safe with you in your own computer machine (if its unique).

Double Promotion:

Yes, sounds good and is really effective. While using the other external sources you can easily built a good promotion with your content as all you need to focus on it. (see how {on mouse over})

Check these ways out for using external and much safer options for your blogging or site content as they are trustworthy and durable to keep our data safe and secure. In case, if they are going to stop their services (might not), they will let you know before they actually do that

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Drawbacks: Losing content if a content shared from somewhere is removed from its original place, thus will not be showing on our own blogs or sites too. (so it is recommended to use best & Trusted places as mentioned above)

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