How To Create or Set Up A Google Authorship? without using any Plugins in WordPress

How to set up a Google Authorship? How to Set Up without using any plugins or scripts, and works better with WordPress Sites or Blogs?

>> if you are not-known withGoogle Authorship – first of all you must know about Google authorship, what is a Google Authorship and How does it effects in search results. See Here…

So, let’s start how to set up a Google Authorship? without using any plugins or scripts in word press.

Things Required To Set Up Google Authorship With Your Site Or Blog ?

Let’s start with the Step 1 – using Google+ Profile

  1. Open your Google+ profile page.
  2. now open your about page from your Google+ profile.
  3. Scroll Down the page unless you see an option on the right – Links.
  4. Click on the Edit button of the Links Column.
  5. Choose Contributor to and click on add a custom link.
  6. Label it with your Site’s Name which needs Google Authorship
  7. Finally, input the URL of the site there and select save.

Or You can Achieve Step 1 with a shortcut, just follow the steps provided below

  1. Click this link: Google Authorship Adding Mail – Address
  2. Enter your E-mail (the one which you are using for your profile and it would be better if mail is like
  3. Click Sign-Up for Authorship
  4. Finally, go to your mail account and click “VERIFY”

Now, Step 2: Adding a Google+ Profile URL in to your word press blog’s profile.

  1. Login to your wordpress site.
  2. on the top-right Side click on Edit my Profile.
  3. scroll down the profile page unless you see an option Google+
  4. copy and paste the Google+ Profile Link and Update Profile.

Now, Step 3: Adding a Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools (See Step by Step Process)

  1. Create a Sitemap either using plugins or using other online methods.
  2. Go to Google Webmaster Tools and add your site there (skip this step if you have already added)
  3. Test Sitemap and it’s Done

Final Step 4: Verify Your Google Plus Authorship Link

  1. Go to Structured Data Testing Tools (part of Google webmaster tools)
  2. enter your site’s URL / Link and click over the “PREVIEW” button
  3. You will get to know about your site’s link either verified or not (it is verified if you can see your google+ profile picture).

Note: there may be a snippets excuse shown there, you can ignore as it will take some time to get started and will be shown in future. also, this authorship procedure may take 24-72 hrs depending on your luck and after that it will be in progress.

>> By following the above method you can set your Google Authorship to your word-press site or blog.

>> See Another way of this procedure simply using a wordpress plugin: Google Plus Authorship

There are two important things to remember:

  • It may take some time for Google to show your profile photo and rich snippets in search results.
  • Google does not guarantee that it will include your profile photo and rich snippets in results.

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