How to Hide/ Show Widgets on Specific Pages in WordPress

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Why to set Widgets on Some Specific Pages & Benefits?

Most of the times there are situations when we need to use widgets at specific places. This may be because of placing some images on the sidebar of some specific pages or archives or categories. This way you can place advertisements related to specific topics only, and or categories.

As I have talked earlier about using a Widget for styling and customizing specific pages, this feature can become very useful for it.

If you are using some content that must not be published along with all sidebar options or must be ignored from Search Engines and/or are against the Advertisers policies, then you can use this method to ignore advertisements (widgets) from those specific pages.

So, coming back to the topic I must share that there are sometimes requirements and situations that we need to show few things on some of the pages in the Sidebar we can be classified into Categories, Tags, Pages, Posts, etc…

How to Set Widgets on specific Pages?

Well, as we are working on WordPress (Dynamic Platform), therefore it has a common base for all pages unless or until differentiated in some WordPress Themes. So, we need to use a WordPress Plugin for creating an option due to which we can set up some widgets on some specific Pages only.

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As WordPress is a major source which is used most wildly to run Blogs and therefore most of the developers are working and developing WordPress Plugins and WordPress Themes, but amongst the list of Various Plugins I recommends Dynamic Widgets & Widget Display Options at 1st preference compared to others as this Plugins gives almost maximum options for displaying widgets on Specific Pages.

How they are better in Use?

Both the Plugins allows Administrator to set whether and where the Widget should appear. In fact, earlier it was Dynamic Widgets for me but now it seems that Widget Display Options is also working fine and is hopefully faster as Dynamic Widgets takes to a different page for setting up the options for widgets to be showed where as Widget Display Options lets the changes through the widgets section itself.

How to use Dynamic Widgets?

Firstly, Install the Plugin (Dynamic Widgets) and then activate it. After that go to widgets and choose the option “Dynamic Widgets: Static” for every widgets individually and set them as per your needs.

Another way of doing this is go to Appearance -> Dynamic Widgets and choose the Widgets there to make changes. In both the cases it will work same and will hide or show only where specified.

Though it has too many options it takes a bit more time than Widgets Display Options but gives more options to choose from. Even you can choose calendar days when to show what as shown in the picture…

How to use Widgets Display Options?

Go to Widgets and select the widget you need to make changes and check the option for Conditional Display {as shown in the image} and then you can see the multiple options from where to Hide and Show.

The checked box options will show this widget to the checked option Pages only. Also, if you are required to hide from lesser places or say on a 1-2 pages only or a bit more, then you can reduce your effort by choosing the option – Hide this widget if any of the following conditions apply:

No additional settings from the main Plugins Settings is required to use this Plugin. Any additional help required happy to hear, leave a reply !