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What An Unpredictable Day I Had ?

I never wanna have a day like today’s day: p or I should always have a day like this everyday ~!

Actually, guys all must be thinking what kind of a person: o he is but lemme assure you that the topic is really to be taken up seriously: / for me like this. Well today I had many things happen for which I was waiting for so long :), along with bad ones which nobody wants to have :(.
Ya, things are stupidest to me I should pinch myself ouch, eeeh! It’s all true – I don’t believe this, neither I can by keeping the activities In mind which took place nor I can by thinking all what shouldn’t happen.

Guys, i am unstable right now as how can a day be like this when a person is so happy that doesn’t allows to smile πŸ™‚ on the contrary when person is too sad πŸ™ and things happen that doesn’t allows to cry. Oh am i getting mad or crazy.

Today i found out many things for our reliable 4 you where a person can enjoy new updated features on reliable 4 you and on the other hand when i tried to share this happiness a call comes about an accident of my sister, secondly when i was waiting for someone to come, he never reaches to me on the other hand a person unexpectedly reaches to me whom i was waiting for long. πŸ™‚

Well, lets sleep today and hopes for the better tomorrow… & from tomorrow onwards you all will be getting some great news & knowledge updates regularly (hopefully) by me & other members of the reliable 4 you.


Thanking You,

Himanshu Goel

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