Reserved Compartment of INDIAN Railways Secured

This is really interesting for my INDIAN Friends that Indian Railways is really going to be better, safer and secured for many travelers. Your luggage is now secured and insured by Indian Railways which lets you to have a desired safe journey.

Indian Railways Luxury Coach

According to a source article, if you are traveling in a reserved compartment of INDIAN Railways, your luggage is secured as if it is insured by Indian Railways. This means that if your luggage is lost or stolen than Indian Railways is responsible for the security of your luggage and will have to recover it for you or else are considered responsible and payable to you…

This is because in the reserved coach anyone who doesn’t belongs to that coach is not allowed to enter the coach under the supervision of Ticket Checker and if do so than it is the responsibility of the Ticket Checker to take care of… This Act is verified and is applicable with the Order of Supreme Court, and with this Railway is going to pay 2Lakhs for 17yrs old Stolen Goods to the Owner.

This was cleared after a pending case on the Indian Railways from last 17years, which has finally ended now (so soon LOL…).

There were more interactions for this particular case which you can read via source links below, but here we focused on the new useful information about the Security of Indian Railways Network for people traveling via reserved coach.

Sources: Jagran-news

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