Toggle Box – A Great WordPress Plugin – Tools For Providing Better Information in Posts or Pages (Articles)

Toggle Box is a Great WordPress Plugin which can be widely used in a long describing post. It collapse the Content under their Title / Sub-Heading and when visitor needs to read that, he/she just needs to give a click on the Title of the Collapsed Content.

Now, you can see how to Use it, getting Benefits and Visual Output of Toggle Box as a WordPress Plugin

Step 1, Simply Install the plugin from WordPress Directory in your WordPress Install and Activate the Plugin

Step 2, Open your Text Editor to Edit previous Post or Page or just Add a New Page or Post and as shown in the Below Image click on the Add Toggle Box Button on the top right of the visual editor in WordPress or You can simply add Toggle Box Tags (as shown in the Image Step-1 or step 2) wherever needed in between the Page or Post.

Optional Step: Just to be clear with the Commands and Content we have dropped End-Toggle in the next line.

Step 3, Now, Write the whole content normally in between the Toggle Tags which will effect at the time of View Mode like shown below:

The Above picture Shows the Visual Mode And the Title of The Toggle Box with your custom Toggle Box Title, and when you will or any visitor will click on the Toggle Box Title it will Expand automatically and will show the whole content collapsed under it. like this:

This way your Articles, Posts or Pages containing multiple information can be shown individually and in a some hidden manner to use a shorter browser page for complete information.

Major Benefits of Using Toggle Box : WordPress Plugin

1. It shortens the Browser Page due to which a Reader or Visitor will not get scared with the Length of the content and will read whole of the content (written with such hard work)

2. If there is excessive info about some topics or anything else, that will stay limited according to their Title and reader will only be able to read about Topic they want to know.

3. It reduces the scrolling effort of the Reader or Visitor, in case if they need to scroll up or down, they can easily do after being too much content on that particular Webpage.

4. Gives a Neat and Clean Layout to your Webpage and shows your extra effort for Readers or Visitors Convenience.