Two (2) Years Old Chinese Boy Pregnant (Male) – Did This Actually Happened

I was just back on my PC and started Facebook to see what’s new? F** king news – How come a Two (2) years old Chinese Boy (male) Pregnant. The moment I saw it I got shocked and just clicked on the article to see it in more details.

Two year old chinese Boy Pregnant
This Image is Copied from Actual Article

According to articles recently posted states this:

A toddler in Eastern China had emergency surgery to remove a dead parasitic twin from his stomach.

Xiao Feng from Sichuan Province was rushed to hospital on Sept. 23 with an enlarged abdomen and breathing difficulties.

Using MRI scans and X-rays, doctors discovered that the boy had a very unusual condition called cryptodidymus, meaning there was a conjoined twin concealed inside his body.

Surgeons operated on Xiao to save his life, and found the 10-inch-wide fetus was taking up nearly two-thirds of its brother’s stomach. It weighed about 2 pounds, and had a fully formed backbone, and limbs with fingers and toes, according to ET Today.

A similar case occurred in Sichuan in 2007. Last year, a 3-year-old boy in Peru also had cryptodidymus in his abdomen, and the twin was found to have bones, eyes, and hair.

After Reading all this and watching the Video (Chinese Language) I was speechless and the first thing I did is sharing this with all. I am even confused & Surprised to see what’s happening Around The World.

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