Best WP Plugin for Related Searches – nrelate Related Content

Hello guys! Well, there are many WordPress Plugins for Related Searches which shows results either at the last of the Post or in the Sidebar Widgets. But, nrelate Related Content is chosen as the best for this feature because it does provide more than that.

Why To Choose nrelate Related Content? Does This Plugin Requires additional coding knowledge?

Beginning with the various reasons “Why To Choose nrelate Related Content” let me tell you about this very WordPress Plugin that it is easily customizable and you don’t need any coding knowledge to use it. It is a free WordPress Plugins which can be installed easily either by using Add New feature from your WordPress Dashboard or Downloading the Plugin from the WordPress Directory.

Plugins Search Name: nrelate related content by nrelate and SlipFire

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How To Integrate nrelate Related Content For Better Results?

As soon as you Install the Plugin and activate it, you will see an icon added in your Dashboard on the left side somewhere below Settings Tab with 2 sub-options Dashboard and Related Content.

So, selecting nrelate or Dashboard in your WordPress Dashboard options you will be re-directed to main nrelate dashboard page. There you can sign up to earn money with nrelate Related Content by becoming partners with nrelate And if you are willing to be a partner with nrelate than please sign up and insert you Paypal E-mail. Further you can customize with the options of excluding and including posts, pages, attachment pages and categories.

With the second (II) option i.e. Related Content you can customize the below features and have maximum benefits. After customizing all go back once to nrelate dashboard and on the right sidebar you can see the option Index or Re-Index Website so that the related results can appear as soon as the Indexation part is completed.

What Are The Additional Benefits Of nrelate Related Content?

The nrelate Related Content Plugin comes with many features which can be customized as per requirements. You can use different Thumbnail Styles with different WordPress Themes to maintain the display of your WordPress Blog. Out of many features some (main) are listed below:

General Features of nrelate Related Content

Related Searches Content

Customizable Visual Format – users can whether to show Thumbnails or Text Links.

Customizable Thumbnail Size – users can set the size of the Thumbnail Image between 80-150 pixels in Square format. Eg. 90×90.

Default Thumbnail Image – user can set a default image for thumbnail which works for the posts doesn’t containing Featured Images.

Number of Related Searches – users can set the number results to be shown after posts or in the Widgets. Note: do calculate the width of your posts column and width of the Thumbnail Size set by you so that you can manage their orders and series. Eg. A post column with 640px width must set with max 6 results of 90px each as results do contain space between them by default.

Show Post Title or Excerpt – user can manage whether to show Posts Title and/or Excerpt with the Related Searches or not.

Advertising Settings of nrelate Related Content

You can also make some money with the nrelate related Content Plugin by registering yourself as nrelate Publishing Partners and providing your Paypal E-mail Address to collect the income through it.

These advertisement results comes up with few additional options (optional) like showing a Sponsored Text, placement of sponsored links, how many ads you want to show, and do you want to show advertisements or not.

Thumbnail Gallery of nrelate Related Content

The Plugin has its own Thumbnail Gallery with variety of choices to choose from. This doesn’t ends here because if you are not satisfied with the designs than you can customize CSS Style Sheet to create your own Style.

Note: You will need to have some knowledge of CSS Styling Codes to do Changes.


The scripts running with the Plugin manages related results from the same Tags and Categories only. If the numbers of results are lower than selected show results than don’t worry it will show the available results only.

Choose a good title for the Related Results which appears on posts which could really attract visitor and let them to read more and not to leave so soon. Like “you may also like” or “most popular articles” or “recommended articles” etc.

Use small Thumbnail Images so that more results can be displayed in a single line and if your site doesn’t has too many posts or articles than you can go for largest size (150px) with show results 4 or 8.

Do maintain the placement of sponsored links if you are going on with the advertisements too all options will work better according to kind of Blog.


This Plugin uses some scripts on page loading thus makes a page load bit more and due to which Page load time can increase. (Varies with Bandwidth)

Whenever you Re-Index Website the related results will appear after some time maximum up to 2hrs or before, If not contact support.

The sponsored links are the advertisements connected with external links which can take visitors outside your blog along with. To change this there is no option in this Plugin but you can add this WordPress Plugin for linking external links in New Window / Tab.