Types Of Bowlers In Cricket Matches – Along With Their Defined Skills Of Bowling

Bowling Skills Of All Kinds Of Bowlers In The Cricket Game

Pace Bowlers, Or Fast Bowlers Or Pace-Men, Rely On Speed To Get A Batsman Out. This Type Of Bowler Can Be Further Classified According To The Speed At Which They Bowl The Ball On Average.

Swing Bowlers Are also known as Pace Bowlers, They Also Use The Seam Of The Ball To Make It Travel In A Curved Path Through The Air. The Gripping Of The Airflow Around Both The Sides Of The Ball Will Cause Swing In The Air, Towards The Roughened Side. A Bowler May Cause The Ball To Swing By Changing The Orientation Of The Ball In His Hand Itself, Into Or Away From The Batsman. In Addition To A Well-Polished Ball i.e. A New Ball, Many Factors Help The Ball To Swing, Depending On Weather Conditions. However, Balls Which Have Been In Play For Some Time Do Not Tend To Swing So Much Due To The Damage Of The Sealed Seam Which A New Ball Has. In Addition, Bowlers Of Full Pace Do Not Tend To Get As Much Swing As The Fast-Medium-To-Medium Pace Bowlers.


The Objective Of A Pace Bowlers Is To Frequently Dismiss Batsmen Through Variation And Deception While Bowling. A Batsman Who Has Been “Puzzled Up” By Some Bouncing Bowls, Which Pitches Further To Batsman Than Normal Deliveries And Reach The Batsman Around Head Height, Or Even Hit The Batsman, May Tend To Play The Next Ball On The Back Foot, And Thus Be Susceptible To A Full Length Yorker Delivery That Bounces At His Toes. Other Common Variations Include The Leg Cutter And Off Cutter, Medium Pace Deliveries Bowled With A Spinner’s Wrist Action, Which Can Sometimes “Turn” Just Like Deliveries From A Spinner.

Spin Bowler

Spin Bowlers – Impart Rotation To The Ball To Get A Batsman Out by Confusing With The Balls Move i.e. Twisting To Other Side Which Makes The Ball And Its Movement Hard To Predict. Particularly When It Bounces, Spin Bowlers Try To Make Batsmen Under Pressure To Make A Mistake. Speed Is Not Crucial In Spin Bowling, And Spinners Tend To Bowl In The Slow-Medium To Medium-Slow Range. Following Are Two Broad Categories Of Spin Bowling:

Wrist Spinners Are Those Bowlers Who Use Their Wrists To Spin The Ball.

Right-Handed Wrist Spinner Also Known As A Leg Spinner The Mode Of Bowling Is Known As Leg Break. A Leg Break Is A Bowling Concept Which Makes The Ball To Move From Right To Left From The Bowler’s Point Of View, Or From The Leg-Side To The Off-Side For A Right-Handed Batsman. Anil Kumble Of INDIA And Shane Warne Of Australia Are Amongst The Most Successful Bowlers In Test Cricket History. These Are Famous Leg Break Bowler In This Format.

Left Handed Wrist Spinners Who Are Lesser In Count Than Right-Handed Wrist-Spinners In The World Of Cricket, They Are Also Called China-Man Bowlers, After An Early Left-Arm Finger Spinner Of Chinese Descent, Who Sometimes Bowled Wrist Spinners As A Variation While Playing For The West Indies. A Ball Delivered In This Kind Will Spin From The Off-Side To The Leg-Side For A Right-Handed Batsman. Australian One-Day All-Rounder Brad Hogg Is Another Current Player Of Left-Arm Wrist-Spin In The World Of Cricket & Is Also The Best China-Man Bowler According To Me.


Styles Are Often Abbreviated In Scorecards You Can Read Them, As Follows :

Bowling Abbreviation Pace Bowling

Rf Right-Arm Fast

Rfm Right-Arm Fast Medium

Rmf Right-Arm Medium Fast

Rm Right-Arm Medium

Lf Left-Arm Fast

Lfm Left-Arm Fast Medium

Lmf Left-Arm Medium Fast

Lm Left-Arm Medium

Spine Bowling

Ob Off Break (Right-Arm)

Lb Leg Break (Right-Arm)

Lbg Leg Break Googly (Right-Arm)

Sla Slow Left-Arm Orthodox

Slc Slow Left-Arm Chinaman

Presented By Deepak Sikri