Types Of Cricket Matches Played Around The World

– Till Date There Are Three (3) Major Kinds Of Cricket Matches Played Around The Nation (INDIA) About Which We Are Going To Talk Now…


    • Test Matches Are Played Between Two Teams Which Are Usually In A Group Of Matches Called A “Series“. Matches Last Up To Five Days And A Series Normally Consists Of Three To Five Matches. Test Matches That Are Not Finished Within The Allotted Time(5Days) Are Declared With A Result And Set To Be Drawn(No Winner – No Loser). In The Case Of Test And First-Class Cricket: The Possibility Of A Draw Often Encourages A Team That Is Batting Last And Well Behind To Bat Defensively, Giving Up Any Faint Chance At A Win To Avoid A Loss. There Is No Limitations For The Count Of Bowling Overs, Players Can Play Easily Unlimited Number Of Overs Whether Wasting Or With Out Wasting Time Or Bowls. Test Matches Are Always Played In A White Uniform Dress Up For All Different Teams, Whereas In Other Kind Of Matches They Have To Play In A Colored Uniform Dress Styles (Like You Can See Below) Differentiating Every Team From Each Other.


    • One Day Match is also Known as ODI Matches. These Matches Are Played With A Bowling Limit Of 50 Overs And Are Finished Up Within A Day. The Men Wearing Black Trousers Are The Umpires To Take Relevant Decisions While The Game Is Played. All Teams In ODI Matches Wear’s Their Unique Multi-Coloured Uniforms And Use White Cricket Balls. A “One Day Match”, Named So Because Each Match Is Scheduled For Completion In A Single Day, Is The Common Form Of Limited Overs Cricket Played On An International Level. In Practice, Matches Sometimes Continue On A Second Day If They Have Been Interrupted Or Postponed By Bad Weather. The Main Objective Of A Limited Overs Match Is To Produce A Definite Result And So A Conventional Draw Is Not Possible, But Matches Can Be Undecided If The Scores Are Tied Or If Bad Weather Prevents A Result. Each Team Plays One Innings Only And Faces A Limited Number Of Overs, Usually A Maximum Of 50 Bowling Overs (6 Balls/Over).

  • T-20 MATCH

    • Twenty-20 Or Say T-20 Is A New Variant Of Limited Overís Itself With The Purpose Being Completion Of The Match Within About Three Hours, Usually In An Evening Session. This Concept Was Introduced In England In 2003, & It Was To Provide Workers With An Evening Entertainment. But The Concept Resulted Out So Good That It Was Used Up For Huge Matches & Proved Itself After That As A Commercially Successful Project And Has Been Adopted Internationally. These Kind Of Matches Are Totally Similar To ODI Matches As Compared For Rules & Activities But, With Just The Difference Of Bowling Overís Which Are Reduced From 50 Over’s To 20 Overís.

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