Weight Loss In 5 Simple Steps – By Kriti Sharma

Are You Ready To Lose Weight But You Are Overwhelmed By A Barrage Of Diet Tips And Information From The Media And From Your Well Wishers? Well, Take A Deep Breath And Be At Ease. In This Article, You Will Only Be Given 5 Important Weight-Loss Tips With Simple Steps. Here We Go:

  • Let’s See How :-

†1. The First One Is, You Should Know The Amount Of Calories Consumed via Food Youíre Eating, And Try To Control It. Most Of The Food Items We Buy Today Have Labels That Indicate How Much Calorie They Contain. Take Note Of That And Make Sure You Donít Eat More Than You Should. Keeping A Journal About The Food You Eat Will Help A Lot. But, this Doesn’t Means That You Are Going To Have It Under Value, That Will Affect Too.

2. Drink Plenty Of Water Throughout The Day. Water Has No Sugar, No Calories And It May Help You To Stay For Sometime Longer To Have The Next Meal & You Wonít Crave Food All The Time.

3. Lessen Or Reduce Foods That Are High In Fat And High In Salt And Sugar Around Your House. Sodas, Candy Bars, Cookies, And Other Junk Foods As Well As Beer And Alcoholic Drinks Should Be Thrown Away Or Kept To A Minimum Level.

4. Make A Weekly Plan Of Your Meals And Stick To It. Itís Best If You Cook Your Own Food And Not Order It From Out (Restaurants/ Dhaba’s). This Would Ensure That You Eat A Healthy, Balanced Diet.

5. And Finally, Give Yourself A Break. Choose One Day Each Month To Treat Yourself To Food That You Really Love Even If It Happens To Be A Not-So-Healthy One. Go Ahead, Satisfy Your Cravings, But Please Remember To Go Back To Following Your Diet Program.

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