What Is A Eye Strain And How Can We Avoid Or Delay Eye Strain Headache Caused Due To It.

Headache Is Most Commonly Faced By The Regular Computer Users And One Of The Reasons To This May Be Because Of Eyestrain. As Just Viewing Screen All The Time Is Not So Easy As We Hear About This, As One Has To Face Direct Light Into The Eyes.

While Writing About This Very Important Topic, I Was Feeling Strain In My Eyes And My Mind Was All About To Have Some Rest. The Working Distance (Distance Between Monitor And Eyes) Do Matters A Lot While We Works On Our Computers? Moreover, Our Eyes Gets Satisfied To A Distance Level (Also Known As Resting Point Of Accommodation [RPA]) That Is Neither Too Close To The Screen Nor To Far From The Screen.

As We All Know That The Brain Is Master Of Our Body Which Passes Signals To Every Other Part To Function Accordingly. Similarly, Brain Detects The Distance To Be Maintained Continuously Between The Eyes And The Screen To Focus Over The Content Which Sometimes Leads To Eyestrain And Eye Fatigue (Feels Like Extremely Tired), And Sometime Turns Into Severe Headache.

Eg. I Was Working Over This Particular Topic, And While I Was Working My Sister Suddenly Switched Off 1 Of The 2 Lights Which Immediately Effected To Me (Making Me Stop Working) After Which I Asked Her To Switch On The Light And Leaded My Work Continue… (My Personal Experience Truly Observed)

Precautions :- Continuous Working Over The System Or Watching Television Without Taking A Small Break Leads You To Eye Fatigue. Reduce Eye Strain By Siiting in Perfect Position One Must Take A Gap Of Few Minutes Gap After Working Continuously Up To 1hour. These Gaps Should Not Include Any Gaming On System While Working Or Television Ads While Viewing Shows, But Rather They Should Contain Some Physical Action Like Taking A Small Walk (Can Stand Up And Have A Glass Of Water Or Something) Or May Be Something Different.


Another Important Thing To Be Kept In Mind Is When You Are Working For A Document Or Something With A Hard Copy In Your Hand Than Please Adjust Paper Accordingly So That Your Eyes Should Have Lowest Traveling Distance From One Point To Other. This Lowers The Strain As The Result You Can Work Regular For A Longer Period Of Time As Compared To The More Shifting Distance Than This.

Any Kind Of Extra Brightness Places Other Than Our Computer Systems Can Also Lead To These Symptoms Of Headaches Caused With The Eyestrain Problems. Also, An Advice Is Work Free Minded When You Are Working On Computer As Because This Can Also, Snatch Away Your Mind To Two Things In Mind Increases Pressure On Mind Leading To Brain Strain.

Blurring Eyes (strain)

(Please Do Not View It More Than A Minute Continuously….) Feel How Can This UN-Organized Way Of Viewing Can Increase The Brain Strain, As You Can See In The Above Picture If You Continuously Observe This Picture For A Minute Your Headache Issue Will Soon Follow You Up Due To This Image. It Is Similar To A Situation When Our Mind Has To Pass The Signals To Our Eyes Senses About What To View And When And After Sometime Continuously Changing The View Point Of Our Eyes In Different Directions Leads To Eye Strain And Headache Issues.

If Your Work-Setting Doesn’t Allow For You To Easily Adjust The Room Lighting Or Where You Sit, Try Adjusting The Brightness And Contrast Settings On Your Computer Monitor. If You’re Working On An Older-Style CRT Monitor Other Than LCD/LED Monitor Screen Use A Glare Filter That Attaches To The Front Of Your Screen May Also Help.

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Himanshu Goel