What Is A Filezilla FTP Tool & Why To Use It? How It Benefits?

So, Now its time to discuss about the FILEZILLA, a FTP Tool which helps in connecting our computer system with server directly and allows to transfer files from Our Computer to server easily or vice-versa.

We have already discussed about – What is a FTP Tool? or See here…

Let’s start with Installation of FileZilla. (Windows)

1. Download the Installer/ Setup of Filezilla FTP Tool. click here…

2. Now open the Folder/ Directory of the Downloaded File and double click it to start the Installing Process.

3. After it gets installed, now its time to Launch the Application by double clicking the short cut icon from the desktop menu or Launch from start menu.

>> It can be used in two ways: Either with temporary Lo-gin for once or just save permanently the Lo-gin details and use them every time you need. How? – just follow

Using Filezilla with one time lo-gin – 1st method:

Requirements: A FTP Account Details To Lo-gin And Access Server Files.

>> See here: How to create a FTP Account for FTP Tools ?|

1. Enter the Lo-gin Credentials as shown in the image with your FTP Account Details (username and password along with the server’s IP)

2. No need to fill up the port (optional) and just press Quick-connect button to access server files.

3. Its Done. left side shows your System’s Folders & Files and right side shows server Directories & files.

Using FileZilla with saved FTP Account(s) to Lo-gin – 2nd method:

Requirements: Same as Above

1. Go to File option from the menu bar (top) and under that Site Manager option (shortcut: Ctrl + S ) to open this Tab (as shown in the top 1st image)

2. Click on the New Site option provided below left side as shown in the image. which will give you the new site option shown above left side.

3. Rename new site tab with the Site Name (just to remember). this name can be anything (manual entry).

4. Enter your Shared or Dedicated IP Address in the Host option (eg. use the IP Provided to you. (can be found easily in your Control Panel read more >>)

5. Change Logon Type to Normal if you do not want to Enter Password all the time. or else use option Ask Password.

6. Enter the Username created by you for your FTP Account (seems like an e-mail)

7. Enter the Password you kept for this particular FTP Account for the site.

8. Finally, leave comment (optional) to remember, else click OK option (must to save settings made)

Note: as soon as you click OK button the option box hides, so, open again by pressing CTRL + S, choose site / FTP Account to be used and click Connect to use whenever the stored account is required to be used.

Benefits of Using FTP Tool / Filezilla for Online Services and Solutions

  • First thing is that it Manages All Together.
  • Faster in Working as we don’t need to turn pages as already been doing via Control Panel which takes complete time of page load(s), even if we are just to upload an Image or Html file just like copying.
  • HTML sites are easy to be updated using FTP Tool instead of finding and going on directory to directory using Control Panel.
  • No Browser usage so no password recall (in case of one time connectivity)
  • No Browser usage also let’s No Browser Cache
  • for Multiple Sites we need to open Multiple Control panel, but FTP Tool Manages all together at one place with one click in multiple tabs
  • if using with your Personal Computer (Secured), just create FTP Accounts, no need to Re-Enter or Re-call passwords username and Host IP’s

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