What Is A System Restore Point & The Purpose(s) & Requirements – by Himanshu Goel

System Restore Point Is Required Everywhere & Is The Most Important Feature (Acts Like Time Machine)

— To Understand System Restore, We Need To Clarify What Actually Restore Means. The Term Restore Stands For Itself Defines Putting Something Back To Its Original Place From Where It Has Been Taken Up Or Removed. The Restore Is A Very Great Feature Which Allows To Overcome From Your Huge Mistakes Done Willing Or Unwillingly. Biggest Eg. Yet I Had In My Life Was Today’s Itself (Not For Using A System Restore) But, My Friends Today I Mistakenly Deleted The Database Directory Of Our Reliable 4 You From The Server, I Was Just (No Adjectives) Can’t Tell You But Some How Controlled Over My Mind And Asked CIPL Team – Where I Am A Corporate (A Part Of CIPL) & They Helped Me Out By Restoring My Database From The Trash Bin Else We(Reliable 4 You Team) Have Had To Start Once Again This Reliable 4 You.

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Ques : Now, Lets Talk About Our Topic System Restore Point Of Windows And How It Advances To Us In Various Ways…?

Answer : A System Restore Point Is A Given Time To A Computer When If Restored Makes Your Computer Back To That Point With All The Files & Installed Features At The Time Of Restore Point * Also By Clearing New Data After That Restore Point Was Created. The Benefits Of The System Restore Point Is Very Much As It Reverts The Lost Files Too & Perfect Settings On Which Your System Was Working Perfectly… (Click Here To Know How To Create A System Restore Point…)

Above 2 Picture(2) Are Of A System Restore Pop-Up Window Where You Can See That There Are Two(2) Restore Points Are Available To Restore Windows Which Can Be Increased* In Case If They Shows Up By Checking The Box Of – Show More Restore Points As Shown In The Above 2nd Picture Which Shows By Keeping Mouse Over The Pic (The Increased Number Of Restore Point Of System Image {Click Here To Know About System Image}). Now, You Can Select The Time To Which You Want To Take Back Your Computer Status (Please Keep Back Up Of The Files You Need & Are Installed After This Time) & Click NEXT. After This Computer Will Show You A Warning Pop-Up Window, Similar One 2pics Provided Below.

Finally, After Finish Click “YES” & This Process Will Start & Going To Take Some Time To Get Completed And It Is Recommended To Take Care Of No-Interruption In Between The Process Of System Restore. Also, System Will Restart Sometimes So, Don’t Get Under-Pressure Its All About The Feature Of System Restore.


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Presented by Himanshu Goel