What Is A Thumbnail Image ? And How To Set It Up ? Why Is It Needed ?

What is a thumbnail image ? and it’s features with its importance.

As shown in the above picture you can see that the first article is shown with the Title Only “Salman Khan & Shahrukh Khan Together What is it ?” & the Below image is showing a small box shaped image which is somehow related and hints you about the article or post along with the post Title “How to keep yourself always happy and calm? 1 problem with multiple solutions“.

So, above we got our 2 answers:

  1. what is a Thumbnail Image ? – which comes along the post title in archive or categories / Tags list.

  2. Why we use a Thumbnail Image ? - to express about the article or post or topic

Now, let’s see:

How to attach a Thumbnail Image to a Post or Article ?

!st Log-in to your dashboard, and select add new post / new page (in case a new post or article has to be submitted) or choose edit to an existing post or page or article.

Then, after or before writing the content go towards right hand side in the dashboard and see last widget with the title Featured Image. and finally click set featured image as shown in the above picture.

Click here to see enlarged Image

This will lead you to the next option as shown in the image below provided and select from Media Library or choose Upload Image. And finally, you will see something like the image below provided.

Done, now update post / page in case of editing or publish post / page in case of add new post / page.

>> well, as we all know that the archives and categories/ Tags does not included pages in them, then what the benefit of using a Thumbnail Image to Page.

See Here The Benefits of adding a Thumbnail Image To Pages also…

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