What is a URL Shortner, How to Use It and It’s Benefits

What is a URL Shorten-er ?

URL shortening is a technique on the World Wide Web in which a URL may be made substantially shorter in length and still direct to the required page. This is achieved by using an HTTP Redirect on a domain name that is short, which links to the web page that has a long URL.

eg. the URL “http://buy.reliable4you.com/” can be shortened to “http://is.gd/buyr4y” or “http://goo.gl/Iunnrd” or “http://v.gd/buyr4y” or “http://tinyurl.com/buyr4y” or “http://bit.ly/11Em9FT

How to Use Short URL Service and It’s Benefits?

The major benefits of URL Shorten-er have been described above with examples, that is reduces the link length to a minimum of 10-12 characters and rest depends on you if you customizes the URL.

Usage is a very simple process and varies with the different URL Shortener services you uses. simply just click on any of the below provided URL Shorten-er Services and get started using URL Shorten-er .

Which are the major short-link orURL Shorten-er service providers around the web

goo.gl - This Service is provided by Google (no custom URL’s) – recommended

is.gd - This Is Good URL Shorten-er (custom URL’s) – recommended

tinyurl.com - This Is Good URL Shorten-er (custom URL’s)

v.gd – This Is URL Shorten-er (custom URL’s) – but warns jumper

bit.ly - most used specially by promoters

Why To Use These URL Shortner Services?

There are several reasons to use URL shortening. Often regular un-shortened links may be aesthetically unpleasing. Many web developers pass descriptive attributes in the URL to represent data hierarchies, command structures, transaction paths or session information. This can result in URLs that are hundreds of characters long and that contain complex character patterns.

Such URLs are difficult to memorize, type-out and distribute. As a result, long URLs must be copied-and-pasted for reliability. Thus, short URLs may be more convenient for websites or hard copy publications, so that, readers may be able to log on with the shortened URL provided to them easily.

Is It Limited To Services Or Its Use?

Yes, as these services are used world wide by many users, bloggers, programmers, even spammers and hackers. due to which some of the sites have activated protection against shortened URL Services and thus, doesn’t allows you to paste a shortened URL on their sites (in some cases unless verified).

Secondly, if you are not using a customized short-URL, the visitors or viewers trust lesser on these external short links because of being unidentified (unless or until you specify the link with some matter).

Suggestions for How to use Shortened URL Services?

Yes, there are someways through which we can use these short URL Services in a better way so that people or we can use them well and good without hesitation. simply, use these URL’s while blogging or creating websites and using these URL’s for lesser typing matter and lesser the chances of mistakes.

use these links only for major content and Longer URL’s so that you can get it easy in use and other could also understand your requirements. along with the Short URL one must carry some important tag line so that follower could easily get that you are not fishing with the Short URL.

Other Opinions about Short URL’s compared to your original URL’s

It is a good option to have a Shortened URL for your site or any of the page, but not always my Dear!

what i want to say is: use short URL’s but to the places where on has to just copy or re-write the whole URL, like books, magazines, etc. or else in case where a person can just click on the URL and visit your site must not use a short URL.

Stunned why i am saying this: simple,

1. our long URL are not difficult for us to copy and paste to such places where people can simply click and visit.

2. Custom url’s promote their Domain Name where as Our Domain Name Brands Our Site or Blog Itself. (if you think this doesn’t values than do think why you were thinking too much before buying a domain name)

3. Our Long Url’s not only describes the content but also is good for SEO of the Site or Blog.

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