What is an Iframe? Benefits of Using an Iframe? How to use it?

What is a Iframe?

An Iframe is like an additional Window on a Webpage which shows External Sources within it. It seems like an window through which other things can be seen easily and Observed without knowing or showing the actual Source of the Object Containing.

Iframe Tag just adds another window on your Webpage and due to which whenever a browser loads a page with an iframe it loads the original Page and Iframe as a separate 2 different pages. So in some cases Iframe is not-supported and thus, displays an Error.

Benefits of using Iframe in a Webpage?

There are more than a limit of using an Iframe sources and Benefits at several places as mentioned below:

To Use an External Content on your Webpage like: You-Tube Videos, Online Games, Flash files, etc…

For the purpose of Advertisements based on Images and their links, instead of placing images and codes every where just place the iframe tag and whenever you need to change the advertisements just change it in the iframe source and all pages will be updated with the new advertisements.

To add a content which should not be concerned with search engines as Robots will read the source code as the iframe tag only but won’t be entering to the iframe’s content

URL Branding – this is very important use of iframe as sometimes we need to show some pages completely, this way whole pages can be sourced under our own URL and customized header and footer for that content or demo piece.

With proper use of Adjusting Heights and Sides you can also crop another Webpage into your own Webpage as required.

Repeats with No Conflicts – this means that using same Id’s or Name’s in using tags won’t conflict and CSS will work individually for both Perfectly.

How to add an Iframe Tag?

To add an iframe tag you just need to simply use HTML Tag in the HTML Code editor. just see the below example:

if you want to use an iframe source then,

<iframe src=”URL” ></iframe>

just replace URL with the page or site you want to show in an iframe.

Is Iframe limited to Services and its Use

Yes, there are limitations of an iframe Tag, as in cases of mobile use and some old browsers the iframe doesn’t responds faster and thus, error of page cannot be displayed is shown there…

Recommendations: It is highly recommended to use iframe tags for such content which is delivered additional and is for the purpose of extra content. In case, if an iframe is ignored the Webpage Must not loose its value without the Iframe.