Why Don’t People Make A Rule In Life Of Knowing Profile Of A Person Instead Of Every time Asking About Them

Hello Friends !

We all uses Facebook in our Daily Life Schedule whether for a while or for a long period of time, some may spend almost whole day using Facebook. But, I wonder why people adds an Unknown Friend in their Facebook Friends List and then their First Question is “Who Are You?”

I never got in my mind this one thing that why people donít make a Rule in Life of Reading Profile of a person instead of every time asking about them. Yes, almost every new person is ready with their Profile Information until or unless using as a Fraud Accounts (exceptions are always there).

Well, if you are adding someone who sent you a Friend Request to add and is known to you, then in this case the Introduction is not required as you are Familiar to the person.

What if you are adding someone unknown in your Facebook Friends List. Well, in this case you must add at your Own Risk and must give a look on the Other Personís Personal Profile and details so that you become a little bit familiar with that person.

People must have a Habit of Reading the Other Persons Profile while adding them to their Life’s, as this is not only Advisory but also Sensible to get yourself at the Safer Point as by reading the profile only you can somehow Judge the other person (whether genuine or false)