Why? A WordPress Blog Is Not Just A Blog – According To Me Anymore

Really Guys! WordPress Blog Is Not Just A Blog…

I have been in the Business from 2012 (Last Quarter) and I have struggled too much and still feels it is really nothing what I did so far… but the fact I have covered so far is that “WordPress Blog or Site is Perfect”.

WordPress allows us to manage any kind of Site or Blog and you are really not required to too much coding knowledge or other stuff, in fact, doing SEO with WordPress is really as easy as baby feeding, if you understand basic things, you are all set to go with your own Site.

Why I am recommending WordPress as the Best?

Well, as far till now my web career has taught many things to me and even I have created many Static Websites like DeepakHomoeoCare.com and TeenageCounselor.com using only HTML codes. But, comparing the results with WordPress designed, they do not stands a chance against WordPress Sites.

Another best thing about WordPress is that you can create a blog or site very easily as you like and the flexibility of the platform provides various options of customizing your site or blog as required.

You can make a Site for describing and/or managing list of Products and/or an E-Commerce for selling online your products and services (though there are other free online platforms for E-Commerce) using WordPress. The WordPress manages your products or articles or news updates under different Categories and Tags which can further be used to filter the results.

Reasons to choose WordPress Blogging

1. WordPress is as easy as using a Word-pad or writing an e-mail which allows you to add content (images) and type text as regular and thus, no HTML or other coding is required.

2. WordPress doesn’t requires multiple time using your FTP clients and Cpanel File Manager or other services, but, simply let’s you manage your Site or Blog.

3. WordPress allows easy management of posts under their target Categories and Tags to be filtered later and thus, is Best for making News Websites.

4. WordPress uses simple .PHP Functions and .HTML sources with .CSS to design a beautiful layout and let those common files to work dynamically for all dynamic pages created (saved in database file).

5. You can use WordPress internal features to Import or Export your content data from others to WordPress easily and vice-verse.

6. New to blogging or Online business, no matters where you stand, just follow some right tips and bring your site results of Search Engines with SEO Plugins.

Advantages & Importance of WordPress Blog

1. You can use it for a static or dynamic site as a personal blog, as well as your professional or official site for increasing your online business presence.

2. You are required to have your Cpanel Hosting with a Domain and you are all set to start a new website with the power of WordPress.

3. Numerous of WordPress Plugins and WordPress Themes are available to start and run a successful yet powerful & beautiful site. Use themes for the design and Plugin to add additional features if you are unaware with the coding.

4. Being a free open source WordPress still not restrict you from modifying its core files and developer can take advantages to design its interior in their own way.

5. You can create social networks and other communities to connect with WordPress and can connect your site with WordPress.com to engage more features using Jetpack Plugin.

6. Many great Institutions and Organizations are using WordPress as their base and having their own Official Sites and Blogs with WordPress.Org

Designer and Developer point of view

1. They can customize WordPress according to their needs instead of making new platforms which takes few days and even months to get completed and still lacks somewhere with quite interesting features and other stuff.

2. Designers can create and share the Plugins (features) and or Themes (designed templates) for WordPress or can use it for them as well, to get better Blogs or Site.

3. Beneficial for small budgets and small businesses as they can create and manage their own sites and blogs own their own. Moreover, WordPress has been in use for some major blogs or sites which are ranking in the top lists acc. To Alexa.com

4. You can send an update to your WordPress blog even using a custom email address and no-login to the site is required. Isn’t this great feature that can help you managing your blog or site via email services.

5. WordPress is installed in a simple 5 step process and in almost every Cpanel hosting services WordPress comes with one-click installation. No coding is required, but you can still use codes to modify and manage it as you wish.

Limitations of WordPress

1. As WordPress is such a powerful and most successful platform many seekers are trying to track down websites created on WordPress so it is better not to share your WordPress Blog with anybody until or unless you own the Risk.

2. The safety of your site is in your hand as if you makes your site an open source without adding additional security it may be risky as there are far better programmers than you who can hack your site.

Note: The most important is that it is a free platform and will remain free according to WordPress Developers but being dependent on more WP Plugins you can lose your creation as they can be turned to paid anytime as wished by the Plugin Author.

Views: your personal views and advices on WordPress are appreciable and happily shared so you can drop your views or suggestion below in the comment box.