Why should we First Analyze and then Take Some Action

What should not be Ignored while collecting Information

Some people judge and start the concept instantly while reading it half portion only and some people starts using a trick before they reaches the end of the document page. This may result to a situation from where you cannot comeback or wastes a previous time to give a start without analyzing where would it end.


People should Judge before they read or understand something completely from Beginning till End. This is because I have experienced while reading many blogs and sources that important content doesn’t ends with what the Author had provided whereas, we must go through the content properly and must compare with what others are saying about the same. And as far as I am concerned the Article and its goodness trails till the end of the page including the importance of all its comments. Comments are the best factor which assures you that how and what other feels after implementing it.

Why should we first Analyze and then take Action?

Well, this is very simple to understand and let us discuss it with a small illustration. It’s like as soon as you hear (considering you started concept reading) START you just pushed away yourself not even measuring your track where you have to perform. This is because you were eager to start then to complete it perfectly.

Going Up Now Where

You saw the Ladder towards a way and you started climbing on it without knowing that which way it is going, just someone going to it so I can. These things can trouble you sometime as when you don’t know where to go and how to go and what are the requirements to go there? This will leave you nowhere with new directions and at that time you don’t know the right way, this is because you started early and this will lead you to comeback from where you started and this wastes the most precious resource i.e. TIME.


This may happens when you are in a hurry, but friends “It’s Good to be Late then to be Absent”. If you learn the whole of it and analyze, understand and implement in a right manner I am sure you’ll find what you started for. This is because you knew the right way and the resources which are required to support you so that you can easily climb the ladder.

Moral: Nothing is difficult until or unless you are having the complete knowledge of what you is going to do and perform. This relates in all the directions and all the fields we can opt to move on.