Online Notepad Text or Code Editor in Cpanel

Well, this is really an important feature provided by Cpanel (Linux Hosting Server) for users to make changes to some files directly. This can be done using online File Manager which doesn’t requires to download, edit and upload a text file with multiple file extensions like .html, .php, .css etc..

How to Use Online Text or Code Editor?

Just open your Cpanel (Linux Hosting Account).

Open the File Manager option.

Now, select the file (if it is in root folder) or else select folder(s) until you reaches to the file which is to be modified or edited.

Give a Right Click on the Particular file which is required to be modified or edited to open the options menu as shown in the above image.

Now, click on the option code edit as shown in the above image to open the editor which will ask something like shown in the below image.

Code Editor of Cpanel

Finally, Click on the Edit Button to start editing your File(s), and modify as required. do not forget to keep a back-up until or unless you are not sure with the changes you are going to make as the changes are irreversible once file is saved and tab is closed.

Why to use Text or Code Editor and what does it benefits?

This method can be used to edit and update the Wp-Config file when a Single Database is used for Multiple WordPress Installations.

This method can be used to makes small changes in Header or Footer or some other common files used for a particular installation or directory of static webpages.

This method is also very useful for Creating a Hindi Page for your Static Webpages which some newbies are unable to make it using normal notepad text editor, as most of the systems doesn’t allows. See How?

Note: Do not play with these methods without taking up back ups, or else you are responsible with your carelessness. it is strongly recommended to keep a regular back of your files so that in case something happens wrong, your Site or Blog can be Restored to its previous working state.

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