How to Increase Traffic via Facebook, More than Double Traffic

Every body wants to run their Site or Blogs at the Level of Facebook and Hit the list at the top on Google. but have anybody ever thought of properly using them to increase your business as much as you can instead of scratching your head to Top, try boosting your Web Appearance by using them.

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How to Increase Facebook Traffic for Free?

Who all stumbles upon some topics that really go viral on Facebook within a very short period of time. That is not the luck of the people who posts on Facebook but all about the content they post on Facebook (what people like and demand).

Well, after Whatsapp, Wechat and other similar Android Apps which allows to easy communicate or chat friends have really reduced the use of Facebook for the same. but, the positive thing is that the real users are left on Facebook who demands like Positive Thoughts, Technology, Travel, Health, and Sports etc.

Most of the attractions come when you use keywords like: Facebook, Why, Most, or How etc. will get more likes, shares, and comments on your posts and articles. See now…

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What we get after understanding and implementing this method?

We gets increase in Facebook Page Traffic as well as our Blogs Traffic (via links) with some comments on the Topics. This Blog has been improved 600% Alexa Ranking within a period of 3 months by getting more engagements via Social Networks amongst which the major source is Google Search and secondary one is Facebook.

Things to be Considered in Mind to Post on Facebook

Use Images/Photos with your Site back links when posting on Facebook to get equal traffic on your Facebook Page/Wall and Official Webpage.

Try using some other Quotes and Funny Images related only to Grab the regular attention of other visitors too, which are shared and luckily reaches to the one who are not directly in contact.

Most important all these attention and increase in Web Traffic via Facebook comes for free, just devote some time usefully and smartly to get maximum attention you can.