How To Use Facebook Videos In Your WordPress Blog Or Html Website

Now-a-days, Facebook is one of the greatest social media sharing place for people around the world. And all kinds of latest, funny, social, networking, important, educational, sports, etc. almost every kind of images and videos are firstly uploaded on Facebook. If we consider ourselves then it is very clear that we also do the same.

Like other sources over the web Facebook also provides the facility to use the images and videos available all over the Facebook. It’s all about the matter that you should know how to do it, which I’ll guide you today here in the following steps:

So, let’s start with sharing A Video from the Facebook

Permissions to view:

If you can see the Video by following the link on Facebook account or a Facebook page, then it is very clear that you got the video for your blog or site without having the tension of downloading and uploading the image.

Note: When you share video from Facebook, no one knows from whose account it was used expect for the Facebook team. That’s Good !

Copying the Codes:

Now, all you need to do is open the Video, Click The Options Button provided below the video.

Just use the option Embed Video as shown in the above picture and paste in to your WordPress text area of creating or editing the post/page.

If you don’t know how use embed Codes please click here.

Learn and know more about HTML codes and scripts.

How To Use Images From Facebook into your blogs or websites

Advantages of using Facebook Videos for our blogs are much more than you can think. 1st of all it’s loading & buffering is faster than YouTube videos or any other because of great server system used by the Facebook team.

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