Just In Case – Kriti Sharma


Just in case it was not a good day,
though nothing was out of its way,
the start in itself was bad,
which ended up the day making it sad;Just in case had a little argument on the phone,
then for the whole day i was alone,
surrounded by many,

sitting in the crowd,
i felt alone,
made no single sound,
everyone talked but i didn’t feel like talking,
all were around but i was still alone walking,
lost in my own mind,
inside lots of empty spaces i would find,

Just in case struck an old pal,
had a little chat and she made me glad,
in my mind new thoughts popped
the miseries will now end i thought,
but who knew they would come back,

and this time with a stronger attack;

Just in case got little scolding,
and thought nobody was ever doting,
i wanted to run away far away,
so that no one could come and say “go back as just in case it was not a good day”

Just in Case

Poem By,

Kriti Sharma