How to Find WordPress Database Hostname, User Name & Password

Where is WP Database Host Name, User Name & Password details?

This is really embarrassing that many WordPress Newbies doesn’t know about there Host Name, User Name, Database Name & Password which is sometimes required to make changes modification or changes with your WordPress Installations and/or to add or remove something (tables or rows) from your MySql Database.

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How to Know my Database Host, User Name & Password details?

Well, this is the most easiest few simple steps procedure. whenever we install a new WordPress Installation using one click install tools the database name, database username and database password appears on the screen, where the Host address is specified as Local Host. a Local Host refers to the I.P. Address used for the particular hosting plan you are using.

Well, if you forgot to take a snapshot or note down the details provided at that time then also you are not required to feel sorry as there is always a way to get the exact details of that Database Records.

Just go to your Cpanel/ Plesk Panel.

Go to the Site’s Directory eg. File Manager for Main Site or Sub-Folder for Sub-Domain or Sub-Directory installed site eg. a folder named blog where blog is used for a Sub-Domain or Sub-Directory installation.

Finally, open up the Wp-Config.php file with notepad or text editor, for editing or else use the view option for previewing or copying text and details of that particular installation.

Just copy and paste it to another folder or download or copy on a desktop text file, so that it can be recovered anytime.

Why we need to Edit or Modify Database Details?

When we need to use a single database file for Multiple WordPress Installation.

When we are required to make changes in the records of our Database. can be a password change or using External Host or adding more Database Users or may be any other security reasons.

For merging some sites with some common tables and rows to share common information like sharing same users for multiple blogs, etc…

Note: If you make any changes in the WP-Config.php file then please keep a Back-up copy of the file so that you don’t loose your precious site (if something changed with wrong method)