What is a Sidebar? How many ways to use a Sidebar? Why To Use Sidebar?

Greetings to all Bloggers! who have been working hard in Blogging and needs to improve more results than ever. Well, the reason of this post was a doubt in my mind. When I checked out some of the Blogs or Sites they were running up with defaults sidebar options i.e. Log-in/Register links and other stuff which was not useful but annoying.

What do I consider Sidebar’s Importance in a Blog?

I consider Sidebar as the most effective and important part of a page out of basic parts which are Header, Body, Footer and Sidebar. Most of the people consider over the body portion and rest remains as simple as it is. Body is the primary portion as well as an Important part, but you cannot excuse it with other portions, as this would be something like “Imagining a Body without Hands or Legs“.

The Body portion has to be considered important but along with it you cannot forget about the Header (most important), Sidebar (next important) and finally the Footer (it’s like end of the story).

The Best thing is that the Sidebar is powered with Widgets, which can be customized as required or desired. Widgets has more than this to perform in improving site in all terms i.e. providing content, improving results etc… see more…

Hint: Importance of Sidebar can be more clear by this eg. “if you really uses any shortcuts even on your PC’s like Gadgets, left sidebar filled with system options which makes easy to use and really attract eyes to look there…”

Why to make Sidebar more useful and targeting?

As I have mentioned above that Sidebar is the next most important thing of any blog and part of the body section, so it must be a good companion with your articles content. You must understand that the content shown on your sidebar must contain relevant content to the current topic and must not misguide visitors to follow wrong links or advertisements.

You shall use this Plugin to manage the content of your sidebar widgets so that you can place the right thing at right situation, required in case if you are posting multiple topics and/or off the topic or  irrelevant articles.

Note: If you are using too many topics of different kinds, than you must go with multiple blogs or else it will surely going to become very much difficult for you to manage all together. Not only this but even visitors and users will also going to find it difficult to search and navigate the required content which would be due to same search keywords which results for all topics.

Do’s and Don’ts with the Sidebar Options

First of all you must remove the default sidebar widgets and add some good widgets which can grab the attention of visitors like advertisements (for Adsense click here…), along with latest or most popular posts and some other useful links.

Don’t forget to add a subscribe widget so that visitors can easily follow you and remain in touch with regular updates.

Don’t try to make Links Exchange services on your main sidebar as this will not only redirect your visitors to another URL but also, tracked by Search Engines which they really hate.

Try to add useful links which really make visitors happier. It is better if the Links belongs to you only (whether other sites you own or Sub-Sites) with “rel” tag which can assure Search Engines about your ownership to those URL’s

Rest you can Do many things with your creativity level and resources you has to manage on Sidebar and get some extra attention of the visitors.

How to use sidebar in many ways & better?

This is really very different and unique thing to understand and make use of i.e. adding Sidebar and its options on specific locations. This may require some extra knowledge to perform or some special Responsive Designed Layouts to act properly.

You can try out more than 1 Sidebar i.e. adding another Dynamic sidebar which appears of pages with the list of results like Index Pages, Search Results, and Categories & Tags. You can see the e.g. live example of our Blog where left sidebar is not visible on Pages or Posts but works on, Homepage, Category Pages and other similar kinds…

This dynamic sidebar can prove itself as a very useful resource by providing links and Advertisements to increase some Monetization for which we work so hard.

So basically, what is a Sidebar?

A sidebar is a part of the Primary Section i.e. Body and is almost one-third in size of the actual body size (considered single sidebar layout).

The Sidebar has an advantage i.e. it has the tendency of scroll along with the main content therefore it is focused easily. Also it remains common for all pages and posts (until customized) and doesn’t requires to manage on different pages individually. You can even select the option of showing or hiding sidebar content partially or fully from the selected pages.